SS Point Reyes

Inverness - California

Trunk Wrap

Mushara Water Hole, Etosha National Park - Namibia

Marlon Brando (left) and Luke (right) engage in a gentle spar complete with an affectionate trunk wrap. Male elephant sociality is just as complex as the behaviors that we find in female/family groups. Fascinating!


Mushara Water Hole, Etosha National Park - Namibia 


Woodside Horse Park - Woodside, California


Mushara Water Hole, Etosha National Park - Namibia 

The Actresses of Mushara thunder in for a drink with the cadre of rowdy boys at the front.

Down Periscope 

Mushara Waterhole, Etosha National Park - Namibia 

Also featuring fuzzy giraffe. 


Monterey Bay - California

Dall’s porpoise barely breaking the water as it jets along beside our boat!

Splish Splash 

Monterey Bay - California

So I went whale watching again today…I think I may be addicted. I got to join several whale researchers for a six-hour trip on the water and couldn’t have had better conditions. We got the pleasure of being engulfed in a pod of some 800 common dolphins thundering through the water, bow-riding, and putting on a magnificent display of nature. I managed to get some in-focus shots too! 

Another Day on the Bay 

Monterey Bay - California 

I had to take my dad out with Captain Kate of Fast Raft tours (she’s amazing and anyone considering going whale watching on Monterey Bay should definitely go with her (follow this link). The whales were out in force along with sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, and a ton of sea birds! 


Mushara Pan, Etosha National Park - Namibia

On this World Elephant Day I celebrate the incredible chance that I’ve had to spend with these amazing animals. There is something about the intrepid spirit of these calves - bright-eyed and confident - that continues to inspire me to ensure their protection in the face of deep challenges. Thanks for inspiring me little guys, I’ve got your back!